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SharePoint 14 feature wish-list

Posted on 26 March 2009 by Andreas Vamvatsikos

With the next SharePoint Version (referred to as vNext up to now, it is going to be v14 it seems) getting closer, it is a good time to post my personal wish list of new features.  So here goes in no particular order:

·        Cleaner Page Rendering so that pages render faster, in more browsers and coding for MOSS is easier.

·        More “Polished” look for lists and especially for the forms that are produced automatically by the Workflow engine. It would make them a worthy offering for more solutions if f.e. silver light was utilized.

·        More flexibility in List functionality (it seems MS are working on something as was mentioned briefly by Bill Gates here http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/exec/billg/speeches/2008/03-03SharePoint2008.mspx)

·        Better offline support, especially for mail archiving solutions but for simple document lists as well. Microsoft should get a lesson from the excellent Colligo addon on this.

·        Mobile client support, mobile browsers must be supported with a limited view of libraries at least. I would even be fine with a native Windows Mobile client, it is better than nothing.

·        Out of the box PDF support, yes I know it easy enough right now, but should be there by default!

·        Groove integration, just to get rid of the annoyance to explain to customers why on earth this is not already implemented :)<

·        More themes and master pages available out of the box.

·        Full site-collection backup/restore/migrate functionality (preferably with an UI) on a farm level. Really required for large scale installations or scenarios with different development and production systems.

·        Column (metadata) security filtering, it would be nice to be able to define which columns a specific security level can view.

·        Dynamic Update of related fields when a field changes in the form, for forms that are produced automatically by the Workflow engine.

·        Permissions on views, a real must have.

·        More customization possibilities for Search and search results, available without coding.

The big pain point of BI seems sure to be resolved now that a large segment of PerformancePoint will be integrated in SharePoint’s Enterprise version but this is a completely different rant! 

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