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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2010, the upcoming release

Posted on 05 July 2009 by Alex Katsoulas

The upcoming version of MS dynamics CRM just completed Milestone 1 in development cycle. There are some discussions/rumors
about the feature list and we are presenting a summary of them followed by some personal comments.

Functionality for end-user
Ribbon UI: The new Office like bar will be placed on the top of the page and it will be fully customizable. A gift for both users and developers.

Single page form: Tabs are replaced with navigation shortcuts in left navigation (outlook style) bar and all data is displayed in one page. I am afraid that users will scroll up and down more. On the other hand, common fields may be placed as header or footer to be visible in any time.

Data filtering: Excel like filtering in data grids supported by Save Filter As functionality.

Numeric Data visualization: Drilled down enabled charts based on Dundas charting solution. A feature that was missing from current version.

Additional ownership model:  The functionality that all Business Analysts were expecting. The Team ownership model is introduced supporting the creation of more complex security roles.

WSS integration: Document management including site & document library provisioning, meta-data and item security support, enriched with check-in/check-out functionality. Finally, Microsoft works on its competitive advantage and enters in a world that all MS products will be integrated (something like 360 application integration). This is a killer feature that competition cannot overcome easily.

Ad-hoc Relationships between any two entities: In case that new version support customization on relationship will give an enormous boost to establish MS Dynamics CRM as Enterprise Development platform.
Functionality for administrators
Flexible form layout: Form controls would be placed side-by side, on top, left or right to others and grids could be displayed inside a form without iframe and javascript. In case, that next version supports multiple role based forms, MS Dynamics CRM will be ready as an Enterprise Development platform.

Filtered lookups: Our requests will come true. A filter lookup property could be placed on all lookup controls. Till this moment, it will not support role based filtered lookups, hope that they will change their mind.

Solution Management: A set of entity customizations, workflows, e-mail templates, security roles, plug-ins etc. will apart a solution and it will be managed as a single unit.

Global Picklists: These global lists will be defined at the solution level, and will be available across multiple entities.

Drag & Drop Form Editor: New version will support drag and drop on all elements of a form, facilitating the design process.

Audit: There are some rumors that new version will provide auditing on attribute level. This feature is a “MUST HAVE” for all enterprise wide installations.


Functionality for Developers

Custom Code Sandbox: There will be available a new server role for running custom plug-in code and custom workflow activities without requiring full trust.

Plug-In Transaction Support: New version will provide transaction support between a CRM operation and a plug-in. The plug-in registration tool will be modified to support this.

Automatic Plug-In Profiling: New version will keep track of how a plug-in is executing, what resources it consumes, if it is causing unexpected exceptions and whether or not it is violating security constraints. If a particular plug-in fails a number of times it is automatically disabled from executing, helping to maintain system integrity.

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